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Topographic Map TMS

Support in mapping geographical features provides the Tile Map Service, which serves topographic maps for northern Laos. These topographic maps from the 1960ies were made by the US Army Map Service in the scales of 1:200000 and 1:50000. Meanwhile these maps are released to the public domain and available at the University of Texas Libraries.
The tile map service is accessible at:

Add topographic maps in JOSM

To use these topographic maps in JOSM open the "Imagery Preferences" tab in the preferences dialog and add a new TMS entry.
Use the following settings:
  • Menu Name:
    Topomap Laos
  • TMS URL:{zoom}/{x}/{-y}.png
Add imagery URL dialog in JOSM
More detailed instructions on how to add custom imagery is available at


On this page OpenStreetMap map data in different file formats for Laos and Cambodia are provided. Since OpenStreetMap is a work in progress made by volunteers the data may be dated or inclompete. The data on this page has not been checked or verified by
Other file formats or data extracts can be provided on request. Please contact info at
All these files are licensed under the terms of the Open Data Commons Open Database License license. If you use these data please attribute the OpenStreetMap contributors by including a link to If you alter, transform, or build upon this work, you may distribute the resulting work only under the same or similar license to this one.


ContentFormatDownload Size
Complete databaseOSM Protobuf32.54 MB
Complete databaseOSM XML67.09 MB
AmenitiesESRI Shapefile663.64 KB
BuildingsESRI Shapefile29.52 MB
CountryESRI Shapefile423.17 KB
National ParksESRI Shapefile226.77 KB
PlacesESRI Shapefile416.38 KB
ProvincesESRI Shapefile761.66 KB
RoadsESRI Shapefile22.36 MB
WaterwaysESRI Shapefile8.49 MB
WaterbodiesESRI Shapefile3.42 MB
Routable GPS mapGarmin Map11.64 MB
Points of InterestKMZ Google Earth768.18 KB
Points of InterestGPX435.96 KB
Last data update: 29. Aug 2020


ContentFormatDownload Size
Complete databaseOSM Protobuf25.26 MB
Complete databaseOSM XML49.77 MB
AmenitiesESRI Shapefile978.28 KB
BuildingsESRI Shapefile23.77 MB
CountryESRI Shapefile210.29 KB
National ParksESRI Shapefile462.6 KB
PlacesESRI Shapefile86.47 KB
ProvincesESRI Shapefile782.56 KB
RoadsESRI Shapefile18.97 MB
WaterwaysESRI Shapefile2.83 MB
WaterbodiesESRI Shapefile2.96 MB
Routable GPS mapGarmin Map12.71 MB
Points of InterestKMZ Google Earth608.4 KB
Points of InterestGPX634.7 KB
Last data update: 29. Aug 2020


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